Lizelle Stieger

Owner | MissFit Tygervalley | #004

There is a number of words that I associate with MissFit, words like Female Empowerment, Community, Positivity, Growth, Support, Encouragement, Opportunity and Change, to name a few. If you told me a place like that existed, last year, I would probably have laughed out loud, as it just sounds toooooo good to be true, but trust me this place exists… and its called MissFit.

From the moment that I filled in my form, to indicate my interest in starting my new journey of being an Entrepreneur/Business Owner, our first skype call, helping me find a location,  until the day that we opened, I had support. I had guidance. I had random touch base calls from Bronwyn, just checking in to see how I am doing.

Christian dealing with my nervous energy, as this was a big step for me, as well as doing the hard labour with his trusty side kick, taking a white shell to an amazing space. Coach D, making the ladies coming back for more sweat, grind and feeling like you can’t anymore, but you can go past your own limitations. Trust me I have seen it happen, and when it happens, the ladies celebrate with you.

These past couple of months, has allowed me to grow, get my creative juices flowing, find my Business Owner voice, and most of all, changed my way of looking at things, positivity and motivation is such a bit part of our day  to day grind, and ladies feel it when they enter, and bring it daily.

MissFit is not just a business, but it is a way of life, and I couldn’t have asked for a better partner to go through this journey with.

– Lizelle Stieger

Debbie Ramsay

Owner | MissFit Greenstone | #006

After over 20 years in Corporate Communications with one company, my journey came to an end with our head office in South Africa dissolving. I found myself updating my very outdated CV and obsessing over LinkedIn and going for several interviews. 

There always seemed to be some reason or excuse why it never materialized. Something was missing, felt no commitment or passion. I started thinking maybe it’s time for something different, maybe it’s time to start something of my own. Scrolling through Facebook a MissFit post caught my eye on my good friend Bronwyn’s page and we started chatting.

After visiting her at the Bedfordview branch, I fell in love with the brand and the concept of a ladies boxing gym. I have always been active and love sport and wanted a business of my own. After meeting Christian and the realization that I could own something of my own in the fitness industry, making a difference in ladies lives, I was hooked! All the pieces started to fall into place and from the minute the keys were handed over to me it was clear that this was what was missing, a sense of peace came over me instantly. 

The ladies love the concept and they all have a story and a goal to achieve and we get to help them realize this. It has been an amazing, rewarding and successful couple of months and can’t wait to see where this journey leads…

– Debbie Ramsay

Monique Hamman

Owner | MissFit Glen Marais | #005

My MissFit journey started when I decided to actually purchase a franchise for myself.  Not really knowing what to expect this journey has turned out to be one of my best and most valuable life experiences.  

I have literally stepped into the unknown, not knowing what to expect and even what to experience and feel.  With the help of everyone involved, I have immediately started feeling home and part of the family.  My expectations were managed every single day and it made this journey of being a franchise owner for the very first time, a memorable and fantastic experience.  Something very close to my heart.  

This studio of mine and the support structure behind it, makes my heart beat faster and my passion is growing stronger for this brand on a daily basis.  I can literally see how we are adding value to our ladies’ lives and they are having the best fun with us!  My members are growing weekly and I am grateful beyond measure.  I’m doing what I absolutely love for the first time in my life and the best reward is seeing how my ladies is falling in love with MissFit over and over.

 I will never look back.  Words that will always stay close to my heart is the advise received from Christian….ïf you don’t jump, you will never know if you can fly”!   So true….now I live by that everyday.

– Monique Hamman

Shanna Pawson

Owner | MissFit Northcliff | #003
Owner | MissFit Fourways | #007

 Owning a Missfit has honestly been the most humbling, real experience of my life.

Everyday I get the opportunity to help Woman from all walks become empowered. Watching my members gain their confidence, achieve their goals (mentally and physically) and grow as individuals has been so rewarding and it has changed me in ways I never thought possible.  

The support and guidance from head office has made running my business a breeze as well as a success. In Missfit I have found a Family in which I feel so honoured and proud to be a part of.  

– Shanna Pawson

Shannon Botha

Manager | MissFit Meyersdal | #001

When Christian first approached me about the concept “MissFit Women’s Exclusive Fitness”, and being a part of it, I was completely taken away by the idea. Literally, it was the most frightened yet at the same time excited, I had been in my entire life. Shortly after announcing the start of the construction of MissFit’s first branch, Meyersdal, I ended my 3 year career as a personal trainer at Virgin Active to become a coach and branch manager of MissFit Meyersdal. I haven’t looked back since.

I had started off with the founder of MissFit at my side as my mentor. I didn’t know quite what to expect, this was new territory to me. Luckily everyone at MissFit made my transition into this new setting a comfortable one. I started off as a simple coach to now being the general manager of MissFit, and still being at my home branch, Meyersdal.

This venture has increased my growth more than any job across the board would, personally, mentally and physically. And truthfully is a pinnacle in my fitness career. I look forward to each day growing as MissFit grows. With my new found family, MissFit members, MissFit owners and MissFit coaches. 

MissFit gives a sense of belonging, where I can be whomever. I want to be. It’s a vibe attracts your tribe kind of feeling, and all we want to be is human. No superficial nonsense, not a generic gym experience, we want this to be your home away from home!

 – Shannon Botha

Bronwyn Humphries

Owner | MissFit Bedfordview | #002

Wow, what a journey this has been indeed. My philosophy is if I can’t experience it, touch it, feel it or breath it every day, then how can I sell this life style?  I just HAD to own my very own MissFit. This has been the best decision I have ever made.

“Love what you do, and Do what you love” That has stuck with me from the time we opened MissFit Bedfordview and I live by it every day.

This is not just a business this is a family, as cliché as it may seem. We grow together, we train together, we uplift one another and we trust one another. This stems right from the top being Head Office to our owners all  the way to our Coaches.

I have never seen a business grow as quickly as it has and I truly believe that it stems from  the passion and energy we all draw from Christian and his team at Head Office. MissFit has made its mark with SA women and we are here to stay. I look forward to growing with this incredible Women’s brand.

 – Bronwyn Humphries